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Fuel treatment £18.00*

Over time your vehicle’s fuel lines and injectors will have a build up of carbon deposits. What this does is prevents the fuel from doing what they do with effiency.
There are fuel cleaners and there are fuel cleaners. Some will give your vehicle a boost, but without actually curing the problem. The one we use, has been endorsed by Nissan and specially formulated to break down the carbon deposits and turn them back into re-usable fuel.

The benefits ? A car that acts just like it was when it left the factory*

Suitable for both petrol and diesel engined Nissan’s, the treatment costs only £18.00 inc VAT and comes with a free health check for 6 months time to see how your vehicle is performing.

*terms & conditions apply

For your route to worry free motoring, contact Murley Nissan now to arrange an appointment.

Warwick – 01926 411115



How well do you know your car ?
Will it get through winter ?
Is everything up to scratch ?

A Murley Nissan Winter Health Check is possibly your first point of call, to make sure that your Nissan is in tip top condition for the colder months.

Your vehicle will be prodded and pulled and made sure that everything is working how it should be. If we find anything, we will issue your vehicle with a health check sheet, highlighting our concerns.

There is no obligation for you to have any work that we find carried out, but only for your own peace of mind.

Whats more, we will give you absolutely free, a Nissan Winter Care Pack.

All for £29.99* inc VAT

To arrange your appointment, please call our service team on 01926 411115

*Excludes parts and lubricants (If required)


Winter tyres have always been a bit of an anomoly. But the popularity is increasing as technology behind tyre manufacturing takes great leaps. Many customers are now taking the option of running two sets of wheels, ones for your normal all season tyres and a set with the winter rubber fitted.


As the image suggests, winter tyres have a lower freezing point, which means that in the event of an icy patch, your car will have more grip under braking. It will also  mean that your anti lock braking system won’t lock up, causing a skid. Being able to continue to steer under braking has got to be a good thing, right ?

With that in mind, we do not need to convince you that tyres are a very important safety feature for your vehicle.
Winter tyres have a better sustainability over the usual all season tyres, so please be safe this winter and consider swapping to a set of Winter tyres.

For more information, please call one of our service team on 01926 411115


BRAKE DISCS & PADS / Save up to 20%*

Your brakes are an imperative function of your vehicle.
At Murley Nissan, we can offer you a free all round brake check to make sure your vehicle meets the criteria. Your safety at this time of year is important and brakes are a fundamental necessity of your car.

If brakes are required, we will quote you Genuine Nissan parts (The only brand suited to your Nissan) with an up to 20% applied saving on both parts and labour*

Call one of our service team today to discuss arranging a suitable appointment to have your brakes checked on your Nissan.

*terms & conditions apply

Use special promotion code MNWSB01 when you call to arrange for an appointment.

Murley Nissan – Warwick 01926 411115



Batteries from £62.95 fitted*

Don’t get caught out this winter. As the long nights and colder weather sets in, your vehicles battery becomes vunerable to conditions that can in effect drain it to a point where it is no longer of use.

At Murley Nissan, we can carry out a FREE Battery check, to confirm the health of your battery is where it should be and to make sure that your alternator is feeding it those all important volts.

Our battery range (Fitted) starts from £62.95*

*Subject to vehicle fitment and battery availability. Excludes Leaf models. Stop/Start equipped vehicles will require batteries to be ordered.

Call one of our service team today to arrange your appointment and make sure you continue to motor through winter.

Warwick – 01926 411115


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